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SSVF Grant

We worked diligently and applied for this grant during Spring.

The VA (granted by Congress) has recently awarded 60 million to 85 agencies across the US. One of which is our very own Alameda County Coalition for Veteran Families (consisting of Operation Dignity Abode Services, LifeLong Medical Care and Building Futures with Women and Children) a $1 million grant to help homeless and at-risk veteran families find and keep housing.

We are pleased that Congress and the VA have finally decided to support the families of Veterans and see that they are included in a range of services. The goal is to maintain housing stability and rapidly rehouse those who may lose their housing.  We are excited to bring you additional details.

Currently the Coalition is creating Policy & Procedure documentation for this brand new program. We hope to see a signed contract soon and are already in search of additional Case Managers and Outreach. We will then begin to seek those in need and additional agencies to help assist with those needs.  Once again, as with Per Diem, Operation Dignity is leading the way in helping our Veterans!

Additional details about this grant may be found HERE

Providing emergency and transitional housing to homeless veterans in Alameda county,
including Oakland, Berkeley, Fremont, Hayward, Newark, San Leandro, and Union City.
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