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14 Female Military Veterans Kick Off #NYFW with Runway Show

On Wednesday night, military servicewomen traded in their combat boots and fatigues in favor of heels and designer gowns for Salute the Runway at Lincoln Center. Former helicopter pilots, mechanics, combat photographers, military intelligence specialists, and Purple Heart recipients were among the 14 ladies that walked the runway for the event.

“I have to tell you that each and every one of us, what we were feeling as we were walking is such an incredible and overwhelming sense of pride for having worn the uniform,” Leslie Nicole Smith (pictured below, at left), a retired Army captain and spokeswoman for Fatigues to Fabulous, said after the show. “As we’re walking, trust me, we are saying, ‘Wow, I am beautiful, I am a woman, and I feel so empowered and confident.'”

(via Female Veterans Kick Off #NYFW with Runway Show | InStyle)

The poor fighting the rich man’s war: A look at homeless veteran

23% of homeless population are veterans
33% of male homeless population are veterans
47% Vietnam Era
17% post-Vietnam
15% pre-Vietnam
67% served three or more years
33% stationed in war zone
25% have used VA Homeless Services
85% completed high school/GED, compared to 56% of non-veterans
89% received Honorable Discharge
79% reside in central cities
16% reside in suburban areas
5% reside in rural areas
76% experience alcohol, drug, or mental health problems

These are some sobering statistics, want to make a difference in a veterans life?

Help Operation Dignity provide safe housing and supportive services to honored veterans. Your donation will help fund many of our supportive services, including our Mobile Outreach Unit, meals, case management, sobriety treatments, outings for residents, school supplies for children and so much more.


Don’t defund Planned Parenthood

This year more then ever, Planned Parenthood has been under attack. Republicans have been actively trying to discredit the health organization, hoping to put an end to the only active provider of abortions in America and leaving 390,000 women without proper medical care.

So, how does this affect veterans? 


With women making up 10% of all veterans, loosing access to Planned Parenthood IS a veterans issue. Planned Parenthood not only offers access to abortions, it also provides free health care services such as: mammograms, birth control, yearly health exams, and STI testing. If PP is defunded, all of these free services will be taken away, leaving many veterans in desperate need of health care.

If @PPFA were defunded ~390k women could lose care. Sign the petition:

Neighborhood Design Workshop: 8/20 at 6:30pm

Are you a current resident with MidPen Housing? Want to get your voice heard?


You’re invited this coming Thursday, August 20 to our second Neighborhood Design Workshop. We will use the feedback that YOU provided back in July to create more concrete options and alternatives for you to discuss.

We will be providing multiple interactive opportunities for you to provide further input into the future design of your neighborhood.

Interviews will also continue through out the summer as we gather as much information as possible to hear what you like about your current home and what you would like to see in the future.

@MidPenHousing to host #neighborhood design meeting 8/20 @CityOfAlameda #navalbase. Join us!

Virtual Career Fair: Women Vets 8/18

You have the skills, education, talent, and experience that our employer partners are hungry for. We make it easy for you to connect, in real time, with employers nationwide, and from anywhere you may be located. All you need is an internet connection, polished resume, and positive attitude. We work with companies from all industries, but it is up to you to stand out from the other women veterans who are also competing for the same jobs.

By registering for the virtual career fairs, you will be emailed the dates and times when we will host a multi-company virtual career fair, and when individual companies will also host their own virtual career fair. Unlike a traditional career fair, you can participate in the virtual career fair from anywhere. You can build a profile, upload your resume, picture, and add your LinkedIn profile. You will also chat live with recruiters, and they will receive your information after each virtual career fair you participate in.

Join us for the women veterans virtual career fair. Connect live with recruiters from dozens of America’s most veteran friendly companies, and from anywhere you are located in the world.

RT @VetRecruiting | @VerizonCareers + 55 companies to recruit #WomenVeterans on 8/18

The US Air Force Pilot Who Became Best Friends with The Man Who Shot Him Down – Uniform Stories

What are the best cities for veterans to live?

As a service member, the military tells you where to call home. But what happens when you leave the military? Find out the best cities for veterans to live in USA Today.



Many veterans don’t stray far from the military bases they were assigned to, government data indicates, and some will return to cities they were previously stationed.

For Military Times’ first-ever Best for Vets: Places to Live feature, we considered the sorts of military- and veteran-specific culture and services that can lead city vet populations to swell into six figures, as well as economics and livability factors, such as traffic and crime.

A total of 577 places, as designated by the Census Bureau, were considered as part of the project. Only 75 — divided equally into large, medium and small cities — made the cut.

Want to know the number one city for veterans? Follow this story here to find out!

Homelessness: California Offers Free ID to Homeless People

As of July 1st, a homeless person, child or youth born in the State of California can get a free certified birth certificate from the county of their birth. And as of January 1, 2016, a homeless person, child or youth will be able to get a free new or replacement California photo identification card from the Department of Motor Vehicles. These public records fee waivers were provided during the 2013-14 California legislative session by the passage of Assembly Bill 1733 whose primary author was former Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva and whose joint authors were Speaker of the Assembly Toni G. Atkins and Assembly member Brian Maienschein.

Read the rest at: Homelessness: California Offers Free ID to Homeless People

Thinking of all Veterans

Since 9/11, more than 200,000 women have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and more than 160 women have died in service to their country. Women have fought on the front lines as combat pilots and military police platoon leaders. They have received Silver Stars and Bronze Stars for Valor. Some have even joined special operations forces on combat missions.

Yet when people think of veterans, they rarely think of women.

As the veterans organization the Mission Continues found in a survey out this week of female veterans, a “common theme among our respondents was a perception of invisibility both in the service and at home. While in uniform, nearly two-thirds of respondents said they had to work harder than men to prove themselves. When those women left the military, barely a third (37 percent) said they felt recognized, respected and valued by society for their contributions as veterans.”…

Read More HERE

Helping Homeless, Jobless Veterans in Oakland

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