WWII Veteran helped build his VA

When William Edison Padgett of Laurens County was told by his boss at Carnell & Young Construction of Macon in July 1943 to take a load of stone to the U.S. Navy hospital under construction in Dublin, he had no idea that he was beginning an association that would last a lifetime.

As it turned out, the stone that Padgett delivered that day was the first of many loads of construction materials that would be delivered that would go into building the Dublin U.S. Navy Hospital that in 1948 would become the Dublin VA Hospital. At the time, Padgett had no idea that he would eventually get his own healthcare at the hospital….

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via VAntage Point // One of our is from the Macon and Dublin GA area – it’s amazing the shared support it takes to provide care. We must all do our part and this man truly understood as only our Veterans can.