SSVF – Everyone Home

What do Virginia, New Orleans and Houston all have in common? They are among the growing list of localities that have ended Veteran homelessness and are proof that, community by community, it’s possible to make sure every Veteran has a place to call home.

In 2009, when President Obama challenged the nation to solve this important problem, few thought it would be easy.

Yet the 2010 release of Opening Doors, the first ever plan to prevent and end homelessness in the United States, was a galvanizing moment. VA staff and our many federal and community partners came together and committed to reaching, rescuing and housing every Veteran in need.

National Progress and Community Successes

As we head toward 2016, we can report that by many measures, significant progress has been made.

For a national “snapshot” of homelessness on a given night in America, we can look at the point-in-time (PIT) count that is conducted annually by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). That newly released estimate shows that homelessness among Veterans across the country is down….

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The Everyone Home format is a beautiful notion. But too often it is simply throwing a band-aid on what may seem like a small wound, but is actually deep and infected. We have to look more comprehensively, proving long-term support and learning.