Our Programs

Homeless Mobile Outreach

Our mobile outreach team goes directly to homeless encampments, parks, sidewalks, and underpasses in Oakland, CA, to provide intensive field-based case management support and essential survival items, such as food, hygiene kits, blankets, and clothing, to individuals who are homeless. The crew visits about 90-125 homeless individuals on any given night and encourages them to seek shelter, medical services, safe housing, and overall stability. With support from the City of Oakland, these services are available to both veterans and non-veterans living on the streets.

Emergency Housing

We have contracted a set number of beds available as emergency shelter. Operation Dignity contracts with the VA to operate the shelter, with veterans coming to us directly from the Oakland VA Medical Clinic Triage Unit. Veterans are welcome to stay for up to 90 days and participate in case management services.

Transitional Housing

Operation Dignity operates 136 transitional housing units with supportive services, for homeless male and female Veterans and their families, as well as homeless individuals with mental health challenges. Our residents are supported to gain self-sufficiency and secure permanent housing for long-term stability. Our supportive services include case management counseling, peer-to-peer groups, financial counseling, benefits advocacy, mental and medical health care referrals and acupuncture to reduce PTSD. Veterans can stay in the program for up to 24 months. To request an application and/or more details, contact us here.

Transitional housing is offered at the following residences:

House of Dignity, Oakland, CA:

Housed in the former Aztec Hotel, House of Dignity was the first VA funded program in Oakland, providing single homeless Veterans a safe and comfortable place to stay. House of Dignity offers 30 single occupancy bedrooms for Veterans, 10 single occupancy bedrooms to formerly homeless individuals with significant mental health issues, and 15 emergency shelter single occupancy bedrooms for currently homeless Veterans. House of Dignity also provides nutritious meals and a full array of services including anger management classes, credit repair counseling, money management classes, and on-site substance use recovery meetings. 

Dignity Commons, Alameda, CA:

Dignity Commons provides 62 beds of 18-month transitional housing for families, single female and male veterans along with 7 permanent housing units set aside for families. During their stay, residents are encouraged to make vocational plans and work toward achieving self-sufficiency. We help identify and utilize residents’ strengths and skills so they can live cooperatively and participate in managing the program. Services provided at Dignity Commons include substance use support meetings, job search assistance, credit repair workshops and veteran benefits assistance including medical and mental health services.

Ashby House, Berkeley, CA:

Ashby House provides single, homeless Veterans a safe and comfortable place to stay. There are 7 single occupancy bedrooms that residents can live in for up to 12 months, as they work towards identifying permanent housing options to become self-sufficient.

Permanent Supportive Housing

Operation Dignity currently operates 56 permanent housing units in Alameda County. These units are scattered across several cities and range from SROs to our newly constructed green living community, Shinsei Gardens, which is located on the island of Alameda. It provides permanent housing for individuals and families, with amenities including a children’s playground and computer lab. 

Rapid Re-Housing

Through the City of Oakland’s housing program, Operation Dignity’s outreach is able to benefit more than 125 persons annually living in homeless encampments, displaced youth and persons exiting the criminal justice system.

If you’re in need of any of these services, please contact us here.