Participant Stories

Numbers say a lot – but they don’t say everything. Below are stories from the people who encountered Operation Dignity in a critical moment in their lives and are now in a better place.

“Stability and a safe environment”

“I would likely recommend that any homeless veteran come to Operation Dignity. Whatever the barrier, they can provide stability and a safe environment.” N., a veteran who exited our...

“One of the lucky ones”

“What keeps me alive is knowing there are people out there who don’t think I’m expendable. There are a lot of homeless veterans who don’t come forward because they...

“My own driving force”

“Operation Dignity helped me to become my own driving force, and they supplied me with temporary housing while I figured it out. I give them a lot of credit...

“Green through and through!”

“I’m a green man – green through and through!” William, an Army veteran, shared his story of life at our House of Dignity in Oakland.

“It’s Going to Be Okay”

“It’s going to be okay. It’s going to be okay. Thank you! – A young boy comforting his father as they moved into Operation Dignity’s housing after being homeless.

“Keep Working at It”

“My advice – to my old self and to everyone – is to keep working at it and never give up. I suffer from PTSD and other illnesses. But...