COVID-19 Response

Like you, we at Operation Dignity are figuring out how to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our families and communities. 

Our priorities are clear: keep our unhoused participants and dedicated staff healthy and safe, and make sure our shelter doors stay open and our outreach teams can still provide services to encampments.

Here’s what we’re working on right now (and how your donations can help):

  • Ramping Up Prevention and Hygiene-Focused Street Outreach: Our outreach teams are in the field for hours each weekday, providing every unsheltered person they can find with information about the risks of COVID-19, prevention steps, and what to do if they feel sick. They are also distributing cleaning supplies, food, and other items to ensure that encampment residents can eat and care for themselves. 
  • Helping Clients Cope and Shelter-in-Place: Operation Dignity provides more than 250 shelter and transitional housing beds for veterans and others experiencing homelessness. In the last few weeks, our on-site case managers have done incredible work to educate residents on COVID-19 and the shelter-in-place rules; calmed people who are stressed and anxious; and ensured a continuous supply of food, hygiene supplies, and other basic needs, so residents did not have to leave the shelter. 
  • Looking Ahead and Working Together: We are working together as never before with our nonprofit partners, public funders, and health care agencies to respond to the crisis. This will not be a short effort. We are dedicated to not only supporting our clients today, but also to ensuring that our unhoused neighbors are cared for, no matter what the next weeks and months bring. 

Your support and generosity during this uncertain time have been amazing. Thank you so much – your donations are more important now than ever.