Please Help Operation Dignity Avoid Federal Funding Cuts!

May 5th, 2023

Please call and/or email your Senator to ask them to co-sponsor Senate Bill S 1436 (Charge Act) that supports an increase in the national rate to a proposed 200% level.

Major funding cuts are set to take effect May 11, 2023 that will have a devastating impact on Operation Dignity as well as other organizations GPD (Grant & Per Diem) programs nationally.

Due to the expiration of the CARES act, rates will reset to lower pre-pandemic rates in spite of a higher need post pandemic due to a rise in mental health challenges, closure of emergency motels, end of the eviction moratorium, and higher rent, food and utility expenses due to inflation.

If the current rate reduction goes into effect, Operation Dignity will lose approximately $140,359 in revenue each month, for an annual loss of $2,225,299. 

As a result, we may be forced to drastically reduce our beds and potentially close our GPD program; several programs in the SF Bay Area have already closed.


  • Operation Dignity operates 91 transitional beds for veterans in the East Bay.
  • The VA GPD program reimburses providers for each night a veteran is housed at their facility.
  • We provide wrap-around supportive case management for the veterans housed at our sites.
  • Currently, Operation Dignity is the largest GPD provider in the Bay Area, offering single rooms as well as a fully staffed kitchen and dining.