Since 1993, Operation Dignity has worked to house and serve the most vulnerable people experiencing homelessness in Alameda County, including veterans and people living in encampments.

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Our Programs

Since our founding, we’ve expanded from serving veterans to conducting street outreach to helping families stay housed.


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Veteran Shelter & Housing

At Operation Dignity, we don’t leave our veterans on the battlefield. We help them get to a stable, permanent home.

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Mobile Street Outreach

Our outreach team provides people in encampments with basic needs and connects them to housing services.

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Permanent Supportive Housing

We partner with affordable housing developers to help formerly homeless adults and children keep their housing and thrive.

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Making An Impact, Making a difference


basic needs items distributed each year by our street outreach team


Veterans off the streets each year in Alameda County


serving homeless residents of Oakland


of veterans in our
transitional housing
exit to permanent housing, ending their homelessness.

Although LA has the largest number of homeless veterans in the US, veterans have struggled to find housing and shelter to meet their needs. A project is finally coming to fruition at a site in Brentwood that the VA has owned since 1887. Although gifted as a home for Civil War Veterans, the property... has been used for a variety of completely unrelated purposes, including UCLA’s baseball stadium and a private K-12 school. At long last, housing for actual veterans is being built on the site πŸ‘πŸ› 

Read the @npr article below to see why veterans are cautiously optimistic, but still feel more could and should be done.

Photo credits to Alex Walsh/NPR

Operation Dignity is looking for a strategic, values-driven leader to be our Senior Director of Operations. If you want to uplift veterans and end homelessness in the East Bay, we encourage you to join us! 🏠 πŸ˜ƒπŸ™ŒPlease follow the link below to apply:


Last week, in honor of Veterans Day, @wellsfargo Fargo volunteers hosted a workshop at House of Dignity. As part of our Employment program, they answered residents' questions and taught them about personal finance, the banking system, and more. Thanks to Wells Fargo for helping our veterans financial security and independence! πŸ€πŸ‘πŸ’΅

We'd also like to personally thank the volunteers who shared their time and expertise: Anina Tweed (for organizing this), Melissa Landay, Gail Nakama, and Stephen Kantor 😊